Luxe XP 250mm Round Shower Rose Brushed Carbon

The patented technology used to create the LuxeXP spray pattern is widely used in the fuel delivery system for rocket engines and called a pressure swivel atomiser. These atomisers utilise the engery from the high-pressure water flow to induce a swirling motion, generating centrifugal forces that cause the water to exit the low-profile nozzels in almond-shaped sheets. These then break down into multitude of water droplets, enveloping the shower user in a soothing cascade, delivering a truly immersive shower experience.
The shower rose also features Tesla valves, a series of interconnected channels that ensure water flows effortlessly at speed, in one direction, while the formation of vortexes inhibits reverse flow. This maintains steady water flow, ensuring a consistent showering experience irrespective of water pressure.

- International award-winning design, featuring LuxeXP? shower spray technology
- Spinning motion of the water enables self-cleaning of low-profile nozzles
- Fits onto all standard 1/2? shower arms
- Adjustable shower rose angle
- WELS 3* Rating, 8.5L/min
- Brushed Carbon finish (also available in matte black, brushed gold, brushed nickel and chrome)

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