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integrating cook's connect with 

integrating cook's connect with XERO

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We have now integrated with Xero to provide you with seamless invoicing! Just follow these steps to connect your Cook's Connect account to your Xero account:

Step 1: Log in to your Cook's Connect account, and select your name in the top right corner of the screen.  Then select 'Integration Partners'.
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Step 2: Select 'Connect to Xero'

xero select xero
Step 3: Log in to your existing Xero account.
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Step 4: Select your organisation and click 'Allow Access'
xero allow access
Step 5: Select your Purchase Account Code
xero acc code 2
Step 6: Select your Tax Rate
xero tax code 2

Once you've linked your Cook's Connect with Xero, you can view invoices by going to the 'Dashboard' page and clicking on 'Business ' at the top of the page, and then selecting 'Bills to pay' from the drop-down menu.


We will import your invoices daily. Once imported they will be available in 'Drafts' and will require your approval.


To view our product catalogue with pricing, click 'Business' then select 'Products and Services'.


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