Have you heard about 'tappr' App?

What do you get when you take a Plumber - fed-up and frustrated with endless hours of freehand drainage diagram drawings, a tech-savvy mate who's keen to take on a new project, and a discussion over a few beers?

You get 'tappr' App! We're helping co-founders Danny and Chris spread the word, because we believe EVERY Plumber NEEDS this in their life!

How many hours do you spend drawing up drainage diagrams? Tracing over plans, making errors and having to start again. Submitting freehand drawings and getting knockbacks from Councils only to have to repeat the process. How many steps does it take you from start to finish?

This little gem of an App takes away all the hassle, frees up your time (literally takes 10 minutes!) and - get this - what would usually cost around $150 per diagram will only cost you $30!

Check out the demo...

Need we say more, and this is just the start when it comes to the potential tappr has. Download it now - you'll get your first month usage free.

You're welcome!