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Introducing Matte White Fireclay Butler Sinks to the Turner Hastings Novi range. Turner Hastings is excited to lead with the first matte white fireclay butler sinks on the Australian market! The matte finish lends itself to a modern look, whilst maintaining its durability and timeless elegance the Novi collection is known for.

Matte White Fireclay 1
Pic credit:  Turner Hastings

Made in Europe, these beauties (in a variety of sizes) will hit Australian shores in early July, however you can prepare for your kitchen or laundry sink requirements by pre-ordering through Cook’s now!  Alternatively, see the matte black or gloss white variations.

Novi 85 Matte Black Carerra by Design 1 Credit Cadence Co 3
Pic credit (left to right):  Carrera by design & Interior Schemes, Cadence & Co

The intelligent matte white double-sided design is ribbed front on one side and flat front on the other. This allows you to install it either way to suit your kitchen design. How good is that?! The ribbed side gives it a Heritage, handmade look, while the flat side is has a subtle appearance, working well in contemporary kitchens.

White ribbed side Premier Traditional Homes Novi 75 flat
Pic credit (left to right):  David Sievers Photography, Premier Traditional Homes

The high quality fireclay and glazing is extremely durable. These sinks are:

With a lifetime warranty, you cannot go wrong.

Why buy a Fireclay butler sink over the more traditional stainless steel, or other types more recently on the market?

A fireclay butler sink can be the centrepiece in your kitchen or laundry, making it look a million dollars! It is often chosen to give a beautiful country style provincial look, complement the Shaker or Hampton style, update a traditional or heritage style house or they are sometimes even used in a more contemporary kitchen.

Fine Fireclay (also known as fine fireclay or porcelain) sinks have been around in England and Europe for hundreds of years, so they are nothing new to the world, they are just slightly newer to the Australian market.

A very important point to understand when purchasing a fine fireclay sink is it does require more care than other sinks. This simply means that in a stainless steel sink you can throw cutlery and plates in with little fear of anything breaking, whereas fine fireclay requires placing the items in more carefully. Having said this, Turner Hastings uses high quality solid fine fireclay which is very durable. This durability comes from the sink being fired at over 1250 degrees celsius and being glazed twice for extra durability. It requires a lot of impact to chip or even crack the sink.

Another great advantage of a fine fireclay sink is they are often made a lot larger than the stainless steel sinks. It seems stainless steel sinks are getting smaller and thinner to save money, but it becomes impractical for years of use with large dishes, especially if you are one to entertain guests regularly!

View the range of Turner Hastings fireclay sinks, or contact any of our expert Showroom Consultants who can provide all the information and advice you need.