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Heated towel rails - once considered a luxury, are fast becoming a staple when it comes to new builds or bathroom renovations. Jumping out of a hot shower into the cold bathroom air doesn't have to be so unbearable if you've got a nice warm towel to dry yourself off with.

Thermogroup have also introduced a new range of colours to the existing selection, colours that are easily matched with the rest of your fixtures and fittings.

As a bonus offering this Winter, we're giving away Adairs vouchers when you spend minimum $250 (ex GST) on a heated towel rail purchase from Thermogroup's Thermorail range:

Heated Towel Rails

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Thermorad provides a revolutionary new way to dry your towels. The Thermorad panel provides an opportunity to make any towel rail a towel dryer without compromising on your design or style.

The Thermorad panel is installed in your wall cavity directly behind where your towel rail will be installed. The panel creates an invisible towel dryer that reduces the drying time of your towels by up to 70% compared to a non-heated rail.

The beauty of the Thermorad panel is that it can be used with any rail, robe hook or ladder without compromising on the design aesthetics of your room. If you cant find a Heated Towel Rail to match your tapware colour or style then Thermorad is the answer.

Thermorad 2
Thermorad 3
Thermorad 5

Control your heating - The TRTS timer is a digital touch screen timer ideal for controlling the Thermorad. With the TRTS timer you have the ability to program each day individually, 7 days the same or program the weekdays to one schedule and the weekends different. This timer has 4 switching times (2on/2off) per day and is simple to program with large easy characters.

A timer allows you to set and forget. You can program the times your Thermorad is running and experience dry towels when using the bathroom. Please note, the timer needs to be purchased separately. Timers are also available in Black (TRTSB) or Landscape (TRTSL). Other timers are available, see the website for more information

Thermorad 6

Easy to install - Thermorad Heating Panels are easy to install before they are sheeted. To deliver you an amazing towel drying experience. No more compromising on your bathroom design and no more damp towels in your home. Always read the instructions in full before attempting your own installation.

  1. Modify the framework
    The unit needs to sit between the studs in the wall and allow for a power supply.
  2. Double fixing requirements
    For rails wider than 650mm wide we recommend installing two Thermorad panels next to each other.
  3. Fix the Thermorad in position
    Fix the panel flush with the wall frame using the four screws provided.
  4. Sheet the wall & tile
    Complete the wall installation and mount your rail above the Thermorad.

Do you know you can run your underfloor heating for less than a cup of coffee per week?

Floor heating in a typical bathroom running for four hours a day would cost less than the average takeaway coffee.  When you purchase Thermonet underfloor heating before the end of July, Thermogroup will provide a cash back which will cover your running cost for a month.

Here's the cash back options:

1 - 3m2         $25 
3.5 - 6m2     $40
7 - 10m2      $70
Over 12m2  $100

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