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The heatwave has hit, the mozzies are out, and plans for the festive season are being made.  Summer is here.

If you’ve got a pool, live rurally, or are lucky to have an alfresco area in which to entertain, you’ll likely be looking forward to spending some quality time enjoying your own backyard.

One way to keep your outside area from creeping in, and potentially soiling and damaging the interior spaces of your home, is with the use of an outdoor shower. Outdoor showers are dominating the market at the moment, and their growing popularity is in part due to the superb practical functions that they boast.

Not only an effective way to wash off chlorine and salt (which helps to care for skin and bathers alike), an outdoor shower is also a great way to get rid of mud and dirt, grass clippings, or simply as a way to cool down after a long day of gruelling yard work. They can also be a great option for homeowners with dogs!

In addition to just being a great idea in general, an external showering area can also add aesthetic appeal to your home. Nothing completes a Hamptons/beach style vibe, or cruisy alfresco setting more.

outdoor shower 8 Vivid Slimline SS.jpg

Phoenix:  ''Vivid Slimline SS''

On the technical side of things, there are some requirements that vary between states and relate to whether an outdoor shower needs to have a roof and/or grated drain. It’s best to check with your installer or your local council if you’re unsure about this.

Another consideration is hot water. Many people will opt for a cold water connection only, as this is much easier to retrofit and a quick rinse after the pool is often all they need. If you’re wanting a more luxurious experience, or use your pool in cooler months and plan to shower outdoors then too, running hot water through your outdoor shower might be the right choice for you. Solar can be an option worth exploring if you’d like hot running water outdoors. Your installer will be able to guide you when it comes to the specific requirements of your family and your home, but it’s important to enter into any conversations with a firm idea of what you want.

To get the ball rolling and provide you with some planning inspo, we’ve listed some of our favourite outdoor shower ideas below.

Alfresco - A practical solution for post-pool fun, but also a beautiful style feature. Making the shower a focal point really brings this gorgeous alfresco area to life.

outdoor shower 1

Rainware:  ''Noosa''

Coastal - This creative outdoor shower in Noosa, NSW, demonstrates just how big a style statement an outdoor shower can make. Adding an outdoor shower to your home can add a coastal look and feel- imagine refreshing yourself in cool, cascading water on a scorching hot day- even if you are miles away from the seashore.

outdoor shower 2

Suburban - These two great staple designs provide easy practicality and demonstrate perfectly how an outdoor shower can be installed to fit neatly into an average suburban backyard. By utilising existing space and opting for a model with an all-in-one mixer and shower head function, these home owners have been able to add functionality to their home without compromising on space or style.

outdoor shower 3 outdoor shower 4

Rainware:  ''Suncoast'' (left)              

Secret Garden - Don’t be fooled - outdoor showers aren’t just for coastal properties or those with a pool! They can add a gorgeous touch to garden areas, and make rinsing off after a big day of hard yakka easy and enjoyable.

outdoor shower 7

Pic spurce:  Homes To Love

Country Shower - Outdoor showers are great additions to farmhouses and country homes - or those adopting a similar style and look. They add a rustic charm to B&B’s or rural escapes, as well as being a convenient asset for people with horses or hobby farms.  We think this black shower head and mixer ensemble complement the dark colorbond wall gorgeously.

If you're thinking of sprucing up your outdoor area for summer with an outdoor shower, speak to our expert Showroom Consultants who can assist with all your requirements.