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Don’t Forget The Mirror- Why This Often Forgotten Feature Can Be The Icing On The Cake For Your Bathroom Space 

Mirrors are a necessity.

Ever been camping  and forgotten a little compact? It’s not great right?! Let’s face it, mirrors are an essential part of our modern day lives. Applying makeup and checking our presentation is part of everyone’s routine (although perhaps not so much when house bound during these Covid times!).

Mirrors aren’t just for sussing out our reflections though. They can be used as design elements and actually contribute significantly to your overall bathroom design.  There are currently a plethora of different options on the market to suit almost any style.

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall, How Can I Stop My Bathroom From Looking So Small….

Mirrors create space!

Yes, that’s right. Whilst you’re out hunting for minimalist bathroom fittings and compact toilet suites to enhance your bathroom, don’t forget that mirrored surfaces reflect light.

Not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a large home, but you can create the illusion of more space by strategically using mirrors in specific ways.

For example, full-length mirrors create depth in a room, whilst mirrors placed adjacent from natural light sources can trick the eye into seeing more windows. Remember though, it is important to ensure the scale and proportion are harmonious with the setting.

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Source: left: Bathrooms of Insta
Source: right:  Cook's Plumbing Supplies

Seeing Double

Have a great feature you want to highlight? Maybe it’s that gorgeous work of art you paid too much for, or an exquisite tile feature that you wish could go on and on.

When placing mirrors strategically in your bathroom, you can emphasis the best parts (and take the emphasis off of others).

Round and Oval shaped mirrors in particular are great for creating focal points (as well as being a red-hot interior trend right now).

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Source: Left:  Cook's Plumbing Supplies Ablaze Oval Backlit
Source: right: ADP Australia (ADP Mirrors available at Cook's)

Mirrors Are Now More Than Just Mirrors

Mirrors have come a long way since our love affair began with them nearly 200 years ago.

Today’s range of bathroom mirrors boast innovative features like LED lighting, demister functions, and, believe it or not, even Bluetooth compatibility (so you can watch yourself sing to that new Justin Bieber hit we all secretly love).

Some mirrors are even designed specifically with the ladies in mind, and have separate magnification panes, and “natural” LED toned light - to help you get your Insta look just right!

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Source: left: Cook’s Plumbing Supplies Miro 1800 Mirror With Demister
Source: right: Cook's Plumbing Supplies Magnifique with Demiseter and 3 x Magnifier

We have mirrors available in all shapes and sizes at Cook's.  Visit or call any of our Retail Showrooms across Sydney and Brisbane.  Our Showroom Consultants love helping people make the best of their homes, they're available Monday-Saturday's and will help guide you through the options.

Alternatively, view and purchase via our online store, where we’re sure you’ll find the mirror that meets your bathroom needs.  PS - if you're ordering with us for the first time online, you'll receive 10% off your first order!

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