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If you’ve seen one filtered tap you’ve seen them all, right?  Wrong!  There’s water filter taps, and there’s Taqua.

Don’t let your past experiences with filtration technology lead you to believe that this revolutionary product is anything but extraordinary. With a unique in-tap filtration system, Taqua is engineered to stand out. If you’ve been thinking about provided filtered drinking water to your family, we’d urge you to check this product out.

Taqua is an Australian branded product range of Takagi Co., Ltd., a leading provider of water purification solutions, gardening products and plastic injection and mould manufacturing in Japan.

What makes this product so unique?

The T-1 and T-3 products by Taqua are Australia’s 1st sink mixers with a filtration system that sits inside the tap. No tanks, water bottles or other bulky equipment, so you can save space in the kitchen.  It only takes 10 seconds to change, and is a very easy 3 step process. The system filters 4 litres of water every minute so you don’t have to wait long.  Perfect for the main kitchen and/or butlers pantry!

Taqua 1

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The “I Grew Up On Tap Water and I’m Fine” Line Of Thought

Actually - truth be told - tap water isn’t the fountain of purity as you might have always thought. Australian tap water is treated with a range of chemicals which help to kill bacteria and certain microorganisms. This is a good thing for us.

The drawback is that there are also a whole host of other nasties floating in our precious h2O, that our treatment procedures don’t touch. These include: pesticides, toxic metal salts, and hormones, as well various chemical and microbes like lead, bacteria, and protozoa, which can leech into the water from our pipes.

Taqua 2

Water Saving

Along with the simple-step filtration system, the T-1 version has the ‘eco-shower’ water saving feature.  This style of flow allows you to save around 20% more water. In addition to the 'normal' and 'shower' flow options, an 'eco-shower' flow option has also been added.  This mode can be easily activated with the turn of the dial.

Taqua 3 Taqua 4

Taqua's T-1 and T-3 filtered sink mixers are now available for purchase online.

If you need more information, contact us - speak to any of our expert Showroom Consultants, who can guide you through all the features and benefits of these very impressive products.