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Since September, we've been raising funds to assist 60 families who will need the support of Ronald McDonald House Greater Western Sydney this Christmas.

So far, $88,358 has been raised.  Our target is $115,200 and we need to get there by 11 December - can you help?

Mia and her family are just one of many who have received support from Ronald McDonald House Charities - made possible by the assistance we can all provide.  Here's Mia's story...

Mia 1

When 7 year-old Mia was confined to a wheelchair during treatment for brain cancer Doctors told her mother she may need it for balance for more than a year. Mia, from Gulgong NSW was only 5 when she was first diagnosed with a malignant and aggressive brain cancer called Medulloblastoma, in February 2019.

Together with her Mum Stacey, they travelled the 3.5 hours to The Children’s Hospital Westmead for life-saving treatment.  Mia and Stacey stayed next door at Ronald McDonald House Westmead for the following 205 nights, with Stacey’s mother joining them often for added support. Mia was painfully ill and frail over this time and Stacey recalls doctors saying her daughter may never again know life outside of the wheelchair again.  Stacey describes in her own words, what Ronald McDonald House meant to her and her family during this time…

“Imagine finding yourself suddenly in a foreign environment, with so much around you that you know nothing about and a fear of what the future holds for your seriously ill child. Then on top of that you have to find accommodation, so you can be there for the duration of your child’s gruelling treatment. You will never feel so alone in all your life.

Thankfully, we were taken care of by Ronald McDonald House Westmead (RMHW). Not only do they provide families with accommodation for as long as it’s needed, but also exceptional compassionate staff and volunteers, home cooked meals during the week and an understanding ear when we need to talk or vent.

In this shared environment we were able to engage with other families on the same emotional rollercoaster of heartache, frustration and fear. RMHW provides a peaceful and homely environment, that allowed us to relax a little and refuel to face another day of endless doctors and hospital treatment” Stacey Bennett, Mia’s mum.

Mia is thankfully now in remission, although she will need ongoing check-ups for some time when she will again stay at Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

Mia 2

Being a family business, Cook's Plumbing Supplies value and appreciate how important it is for families to be together at Christmas time. For seriously ill kids and their families being able to stay together, close to the hospital is vital for a child’s recovery and family’s wellbeing. RMHC GWS is a home away from home for families, providing accommodation and support.

With Christmas fast approaching we want to extend our support to the families who will be spending Christmas away from their homes at RMHC GWS.  From 21 September through to 11 December - together with our network of loyal customers & suppliers - we are helping raise money for RMHC GWS. It costs $160 per night to support 1 family. We would like to raise enough money to support all 60 families over the 12 nights of Christmas.

Please check out our fundraising page, which will explain the types of donations that can be made, and in what way those particular value donations will assist. There are set values, however there is also the option to enter a value of your choice. Also included is the most up to date information on current donations received, and a tally of where we’re up to with our individual target.

If you choose to make a donation, information and funds are directed straight to Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney via the fundraising page.

Help us spread the Christmas cheer and donate as much as you can to help us achieve our goal of $115,200.  Thank you so much for your support!