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Why You Need A Rimless Toilet Suite In Your Home

Why You Need A Rimless Toilet Suite In Your Home

Toilets are generally a one-off investment for most people. They are an essential component to all homes, yet most don’t consider them to be a design feature in the bathroom space. Today’s modern suites comes in a much wider variety of aesthetically pleasing styles than ever before.
Some suites on the market are not only visually appealing, but also offer a range of practical features for everyday use.
Do you want something that is both beautiful, and will benefit every member of your home?
You probably need a rimless toilet suite.
Read on to discover why.

(Source: Caroma)

What Exactly Are Rimless Toilets?

As the name suggests, rimless toilet suites have no boxed rim in the toilet pan.
You may notice that the toilet you are currently using has an enclosed lip running along the inside of the bowl. This means that your current suite is of a rimmed design.


Toilets without rims, on the other hand, are constructed in a much more seamless way.


Rimless toilet suites are brilliant pieces of engineering and are quickly replacing traditional designs. With their popularity continuing to rise, it is quite possible that the future is rimless!



1. They are hygienic

Traditional toilet designs always present the problem of waste matter building up inside the rim. Their hard to reach spots are a breeding ground for germs, and it is very hard to see if they are properly clean or not.
By not having the rim inside the toilet pan, there are no small spaces for germs to hide and accumulate.
The entire inside of the pan is visible, making it much easier to maintain a high level of hygiene in your bathroom.

2. They are easy to clean

No one enjoys the task of cleaning the toilet! It is undesirable and quite frankly not the most interesting thing to do during your day.
Purchasing a rimless toilet suite means that cleaning time and effort can be drastically reduced.
The Cleanflush® range of rimless toilet suites from Caroma use a direct flushing technique that pushes water around the internal perimeter of the pan.

(Source: Caroma)

This technology provides a superior flushing performance that clears the bowl much more effectively than most other styles on the market.
You don’t have to worry about keeping your toilet spotless and can trust Cleanflush® to take care of itself for long periods of time.

3. They are affordable

You would imagine that such an innovative toilet, that is clearly more advanced than its predecessors, would be quite expensive.
We are happy to confirm that with rimless toilet suites this is not the case.
These state of the art suites generally only cost 10-15% more, than the boxed rim version of the toilet suite in that range.
With our range of rimless toilet suites, you can enjoy an advanced, easy to clean and hygienic design at a very reasonable price.

(Source: Caroma)

 4. They look great

There are a wide range of beautiful, modern looking toilet suites on the market today that incorporate the superior rimless design.
Caroma’s entire range of Cleanflush® suites are sleek, sophisticated, and made to enhance the functionality of your bathroom space.

(Source: Caroma)


It’s quite clear that rimless toilets are overtaking traditional designs in popularity due to the range of incredible features they offer.
They‘re easier to clean, more hygienic, and stay cleaner for longer – saving you time, effort, and providing a more sanitary environment for you and your family to enjoy.
With wall hung, floor mounted, and in-wall options available, we guarantee you’ll find something to satisfy your needs.
Get a cleaner clean and make the switch to a rimless toilet today.
Still unsure? Visit one of our showrooms to see what the differences are between a boxed rim and rimless toilet suite.