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The Shower 1-0-1

The Shower 1-0-1

Whether you’re just looking for a good start to your day or wish to rejuvenate after an exhausting day, nothing beats a hot shower. Providing you have got a shower outlet to suit your needs and that of your family.

Obviously no one likes the stock standard motel showers, which you can’t even get under and trickles lukewarm water.

Are you considering to upgrade your current shower outlet, or are you renovating? Unsure of what shower is best for you?

Here is our Cook’s guide to the different types of shower outlets available that will help you make this decision with ease.

Water Pressure

No one likes a lousy shower that merely drips water over you and we have many customers visit our showrooms, asking for a shower with good pressure. Unfortunately the water pressure in your home will be dependent on the mains water pressure delivered to your property. The shower outlet has little influence.

WELS Rating

Gone are the days, when we used to be drenched by up to 20 litres per minute flow rate from our showers. Droughts and water conservation saw the introduction to flow restricted products in Australia through the WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard) scheme.

On 1 July 2006, it became mandatory across Australia for certain products to carry a WELS Water Rating label, including showers.

Typically all the shower we sell to our customers will have a flow rate of between 7.5 to 9 l/min and a 3* WELS rating. And manufacturers have been working very hard to ensure we can have a great shower experience whilst consuming less water.


Types Of Shower Outlets

Ceiling Showers

Ceiling showers are often associated with providing a luxury shower experience. Whilst once reserved for upmarket hotels and homes, they have become a mainstream choice.

A variety of shower rose shapes and sizes, as well as different lengths of shower arms, will ensure there is one available to suit your bathroom.

Whilst ceiling showers can take your shower experience to another level, you may find it difficult to adjust its spray direction and find it is unavoidable to get your hair wet. For that reason ceiling showers are often installed with a secondary shower outlet, like a rail shower or handheld shower to offer the user some flexibility. If selecting this option, you may need to speak to your plumber about a diverter wall mixer or a second wall mixer.

(Source: Caroma)

Rail Showers

A rail shower will need to be fixed into tiles in two points to give it stability. The rail slider, which will hold the shower handpiece is adjustable, giving you great flexibility in adjusting the height of the shower outlet. This makes this shower type a great universal option, if you have people of various heights sharing the same bathroom.

Please note that the rails are typically not strong enough to act as a grab rail in the shower, with the exception of disabled rail showers.

(Source: Phoenix Tapware)

Twin Showers

Twin showers offer the best of both worlds - combining a ceiling shower with a rail shower. They feature an integrated diverter valve in the rail, which will allow you to direct water flow between the overhead ceiling shower or the handheld shower. A second wall mixer is not necessary for this installation.

This makes your life easier as you can choose which to use depending on your needs or mood.

 (Source: Phoenix Tapware)

Handheld Showers

Handheld showers consist of a shower handpiece, a flexible hose and a wall bracket. They are usually installed in addition to another main outlet.  They provide a lot of flexibility in terms of movement. Handheld showers can also assist you in cleaning and washing down those tricky shower areas.


Wall Showers

A wall shower is made up of a wall arm and a shower rose, being fixed straight to the pipework coming out of the wall.

If you already have a wall shower in your bathroom and want to update your look without having to change plumbing or drilling into tiles, the humble wall shower is available in lots of shapes and sizes.

These can be purchased as complete unit, or a lot of suppliers let you mix and match shower arms and roses.

(Source: Sussex Taps)

In Summary

A shower can be a statement of style with many designs and finishes available.

Selecting the right shower outlet to suit the needs of your household will have an impact on your daily shower experience. So make sure you chose the right one!

We have a wide range of showers available here.