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The 5 Biggest Tile Trends of 2019

Cook’s Plumbing Supplies has forged a great alliance with DiLorenzo Tiles over the past decade. This is through a shared client base and the expertise DiLorenzo Tiles are able to bring to the table when we are in need for tile concepts for our own showroom makeovers.

We recently got the chance to catch up with Belinda DiLorenzo from DiLorenzo Tiles in Sydney. Belinda works as Retail Merchandising Manager across various facets of their business; and as the name suggests, she’s part of the furniture at DiLorenzo Tiles.

Read below what a typical day in the life of Belinda looks like, what she thinks the tile trends for 2019 are and why it’s important to find a good tiler for your next project!


Q: How long have you been with DiLorenzo Tiles and what does your typical day look like?

I grew up spending my weekends and school holidays playing around (and annoying everyone I’m sure!) in the showrooms and warehouse. However, I officially started in 2001. I took some time off for university and then ended up in a completely different career in production management. I came back in 2009 to help out for 2 weeks and I’m still here 10 years later!

My days differ dramatically. I’m based at our warehouse, so mostly my days consist of unpacking beautiful new products that have arrived from Italy or Spain, and rolling them out to stores. I organise new displays and often create the boards that you see in our showrooms. My job is to make sure all of our new products and showrooms are displayed beautifully for our customers, so that they can visualise the tiles in their homes as best as possible.

Q: Where are your showrooms based?

Waterloo, Willoughby, Caringbah, are our retail stores. Castle Hill, Thornton & Gregory Hills are also open to the public, and service our Project Builder customers. Gregory Hills is our newest store to open to the public (via appointment only).

(Source: DiLorenzo Tiles; Vanity Wall Tile: DLT85850 Rosado Pink Crazy Pave (T) 305x305x10; Shower Wall Tile: Kit Kat Luminosa Gloss Stacked 308x300; bathroom by Lynne Bradley Interiors)

Q: What has been the most dramatic change in flooring in recent years?

The Sydney market has always been quite safe in terms of colour.

Years ago it was beige, now more recently we love our grey tones. I think one of the most dramatic changes we’ve seen within our market is how customers have embraced colour. Not only decorative colour for walls, but also for floors. We see so many beautiful pastels and bold tones that no one would have dared to use 5 to 10 years ago.

We are also seeing a big increase in the use of large format slab sizes, not only commercially, but residentially. People are using formats such as 120x120, 80x180 right up to 1.6x3.2 for the floors and even bathrooms.

(Source: DiLorenzo Tiles; Wall Tiles: Pennelli Fusion in Blue India 300x600)

Q: What styles do you see come through from the European market at the moment?

There are still a lot of marbles coming through, however the types of marble are more on the darker side. Less Carrara’s and Calacatta’s and more deep greens, warmer tones and black nero marquina varieties.

We are also seeing a lot more warm browns and terracotta tones make a comeback, in marble and especially terrazzo looks.


Q: What do you think will be the biggest trends in tiling in 2019?

  1. We will continue to see a lot more bold stone and marble replicas.

  2. Terrazzo will continue its popularity throughout 2019 with evolving colours.

  3. Renovators and home buyers are also being much more creative with their wall tiles – instead of falling back on a standard white 300x600 – this year, people will be using more mosaics (kit kat, vertical subways, 100x100 and 50x50 sizes) in whites and pastels.

  4. We will continue to experiment with colour; and while grey won’t be going anywhere, warm tones will be edging their way in more frequently.

  5. People are less worried about their bathrooms dating (less stark and sterile) and more concerned about having a home that expresses their style (more colour, warmth and pattern)

 (Source: DiLorenzo Tiles; Lingotti Porcelain tiles in 60x246 matching the Dots Glass Mosaic collection)

Q: What’s the best way to get in touch with DiLorenzo Tiles?

We would love to help created your dream home – contact any of our showrooms in store, or give us a call!

Our website is full of images and inspiration so check us out at . Our Instagram is updated daily with progress shots and inspiration @dilorenzo_tiles


Q: Do you have any fascinating anecdotes to share? For example, the biggest tiling mistake you’ve ever come across?

We had a customer call in after their tiler had laid the tiles – complaining that the tiles were a lot rougher than what they saw in the showroom – turns out, the tiler had laid them upside down!!!

Unfortunately this is not the only time this has happened!

(Source: DiLorenzo Tiles; Splashback Tile: Green Marble Herringbone)