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Introducing Veil Intelligent Toilet Suites From Kohler

(Source: Kohler)

If you have been planning a bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation, you may have come across the name Kohler whilst researching. Gracing the interiors of iconic buildings around the world, from The Savoy luxury hotel in London, to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, Kohler is a globally recognised brand.

With advanced, water-saving technologies and designs, Kohler products help to bring beautiful spaces to life.

Cook’s Plumbing Supplies are proud to have recently become part of the Kohler distribution network in Australia.

This means that we are now able to offer one of Kohler’s most popular and revolutionary products - the Veil Intelligent Toilet. The Veil is available in wall hung and wall faced models and features an integrated bidet seat.

Read on to learn more about why this incredible “Intelligent” toilet suite is so in-demand

(Source: Kohler)

Features & Benefits

In years gone by, there has been some stigma around the use of toilets with a bidet function, but such concerns are unfounded. There is absolutely no need to fear using a bidet toilet.

In Asia and Japan, bidets are found everywhere from public amenities to 5 star hotels, and if you have ever used one on your travels, you will know just how user-friendly and comfortable they can be.

Bidets and toilet suites with bidet functions are now gaining popularity in Australia, and people are beginning to become aware of the excellent benefits that they provide.

The Veil Intelligent Toilet range offers an integrated bidet function, which provides customised personal hygiene through the use of a remote control. With an automatic flush and motion-activated seat, it is completely hands free.

 (Source: Kohler)

What’s more, the temperature of the heated seat can be adjusted for those cold winter mornings, and for total peace of mind, the bowl can be LED lit for night time use.

This means that not only are the Veil Intelligent Toilets exceptionally hygienic, they also provide a level of comfort rarely seen in a regular toilet suite.

Personal comfort should not be a concern when thinking of purchasing one of these revolutionary bidet toilet suites. In addition to a heated seat, every Veil toilet comes with a heated bidet water reservoir, heated air dryer, and deodorising carbon filter, ensuring you are warm, dry and beautifully clean after each use.


(Source: Kohler)

A Note On Cleaning

There is no reason that the Veil Intelligent Toilet should be any harder to clean than a regular suite. In fact, the range of incredible features available on this toilet should reduce cleaning time and effort quite a lot.

Boasting a self-cleaning stainless steel bidet wand, sterilized water and an in-built UV light, you can be assured your intelligent toilet will remain germ-free with minimal fuss.

The powerful flushing system and rimless bowl ensure any nasties are easily and quickly flushed away.

In addition to all of that, the Veil Intelligent Toilet comes with a touchless flushing option, and an automatic sensor operated seat, meaning you can say goodbye to fingerprints and marks and hello to an easy-to-maintain sparkling clean.

(Source: Kohler)


The beautiful, minimal design of the Veil functions thanks to the HydroTower - a concealed in-wall cistern design to work perfectly with either the Veil wall hung or Veil wall faced pan. Team it with the white motion-sensor touchless flush plate and you have created a striking look which will compliment most bathrooms.

With all of these amazing features, we are certain this toilet suite will become a big seller in the near future.

If you wish to come and see these toilets operate in real life, pop into our below listed showrooms which will see their displays installed throughout July!

  • Penrith, NSW (Jamisontown)
  • Castle Hill, NSW
  • Sumner Park, QLD