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Butler Sinks Are Making a Comeback

Nothing expresses timeless elegance quite like the Butler Sink.

First used in homes in the 16th century, these practical household fixtures were favoured for being easier to use, and suitable for a variety of kitchen and laundry tasks.

Today, they are versatile additions to every style of home.

Read on to find out more about Butler Sinks and why you should include one in your kitchen or laundry design.


Butler Sink History

Butler Sinks were first found in butler’s pantries for the well-to-do English that had a butler looking after their estate.

The need for such a sink stemmed from clean water often being sourced from wells and rivers that were some distance away.

The ample volume and depth of these ceramic sinks meant less trips back and forth, with one sink-full often being used for multiple chores, such as cleaning clothes and kitchen utensils, or scrubbing vegetables for cooking.

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Butler Sink Styles

Over the years there have been a variety of different variations on the Butler Sink style, owing to its historical use. If you’ve been looking at upgrading your kitchen or laundry space, you may have encountered some of the below categories in your travels.

The Belfast (or Irish Butler sink) has a large bowl, big enough to fit a small child, and an overflow to allow water to drain. Unlike in London, where the Butler Sink originated, the city of Belfast had access to many water sources and water-usage was not as big a problem.

The London is the original Butler Sink style. It typically has no overflow. Whilst it still has a large bowl capacity compared to standard stainless steel sinks, it is often smaller than the Belfast sink, due to London’s past issues with water supply.  

The French Farmhouse sink, which gained popularity in the 19th century, introduced a broad “apron” front, giving the traditional Butler Sink a more aesthetic style. This design also allowed for overflowing water to run down the front of the sink, protecting cabinetry from water damage.

Most suppliers will not differentiate between styles however, and typically will refer to the variety of different variations simply as “Butler Sinks”.

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What Can Butler Sinks Offer You?

1. Functionality

Butler Sinks are very spacious, making it easy to wash up baking trays and to fill large pots in them.

According to one of the four biggest kitchen trends of 2019 is functionality, and it’s easy to see why.

Having a space where you can soak dishes and clothes, scrub oven racks, and complete all necessary kitchen and laundry tasks, means more time spent doing the things you enjoy.

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2. Long Lasting Quality

Most Butler Sinks are manufactured from a high-quality Fireclay ceramic material that will not rust, fade or discolour, and they are generally warranted for a long period of time.

Butler Sinks feature a non-porous glaze that makes them impact-resistant and heat proof. However, caution needs to be exercised with very heavy items.

With a Butler Sink, you don’t have to worry about hot pots or sharp knives damaging your sink.

The durability of the Butler Sink means it will be a statement piece in your kitchen for many years to come, bringing you peace of mind.

Check with individual suppliers for specific warranty periods and manufacturing information.


3. Timeless Style

Butler Sinks are perfectly equipped for the demands of today, and work well with both modern and Provincial/Hampton’s style homes.

As their consistent popularity proves, Butler Sinks have a timeless shape and style that doesn’t date.

Now available in a variety of colour finishes, including black, Butler Sinks can be a focal point of your kitchen or laundry space. Black Butler Sinks are due to arrive in late June into our stores, so make sure you check back with us then.

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Is A Butler Sink Right For Your Home?

Open plan living in Australia, combined with our new found love for cooking thanks to reality TV, has put kitchens back into focus once more. This is where our families spend a significant part of the day.

Butler Sinks work beautifully in a French Provincial or Hampton’s style kitchen, but they also add amazing aesthetics to more contemporary homes.

Because of their versatility, Butler Sinks can be used in both laundry and kitchen applications, and will allow you to follow through on your design concept covering both key spaces.

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(Source: Villeroy & Boch)