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Bathroom Greenery - Bringing The Outside In

Bringing The Outside In

Growing up back in the early 80’s (ok, late 70’s!) I always remember plants in just about every room of the house (and in the homes of other people we visited).  Over the years not so much, but now my Insta feed tells me it's well and truly in revival mode.  In a time where we’re so restricted with our movements, bringing the outdoors in again is a beautiful thing!

Let’s talk bathroom plants in particular.  Bathrooms are typically a very hot and steamy room right? (Because of the hot water I mean!)  Similar to that of tropical, rain forest type environments - there’s so many plants that thrive in those conditions - plants which can be easily maintained in your bathroom.  No green thumb required, here's a few examples....

Bathroom plants birds nest fern  Bathroom plants peperomia  Bathroom plants windowsill

Birds Nest Fern, Peperomia, Mother-In-Laws Tongue

bathroom plants boston fern

  Bathroom plants monstera deliciosav Terauii  Bathroom plants peace lily

 Boston Fern, Monstera Deliciosa Tauerii, Peace Lily

Think about your space, bathrooms are often not the largest of rooms in the house, but even the smallest of spaces can make a big impact - bring that green goodness in.  Consider:

  • Floor space – are there any corner areas, or gaps in-between your fixtures and fittings where a plant could be placed, making a simple but effective difference to the room?  Dress it up with a gorgeous planter pot that complements the existing color palette.

Bathroom plants blog 1   Bathroom plants 2   Bathroom plants peace lily 2


Pic sources:  Fienza Bathware, Decina, Unknown

  • Windowsill – lift the blinds up, let the light in. It probably won’t be a big plant in this area, but a lovely little statement piece nonetheless.  Alternatively, look for small spaces on surface areas - eg bath corners, vanities etc.

bathroom plants windowsill 2

bathroom plants corners

Pic soures:  Unknown, Greens Tapware

  • What about a shelf, do you have an existing shelf currently full of clutter? Remove the clutter and make it the home for your new green friend.  If no shelf, is there wall space or an area to put one?

bathroom plants shelf

bathroom plants shelf 2 1

bathroom plants shelf 3

Pic sources:  Shutterstock

  • No space at all, look up! Always room for a hanging option, using plants with soft drooping foliage.

Bathroom plants blog 2

bathroom plants hanging 2

Pic sources:  Decina, Unknown

Time to bring the outdoors into your bathroom or ensuite space and turn up the heat!

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